Backlight Repair

Regular price $100.00

Has your iPhone or iPad gone dark? If your phone vibrates / still makes noises, but you can't see anything, or if the brightness on your iPhone / iPad is too dark to see and you've tried replacing your screen already, your iPhone 6S backlight may have blown out.

The good news is The Device Shop's expert technicians are able to replace your backlight chipset.

Often times not all the components on the iPhone, the backlight chipset will fail, but since you're mailing your phone in, we replace all components to ensure that whatever caused your backlight to go out in the first place will not happen again.

Please backup your device as The Device Shop is not responsible for lost data.

Please allow 48 hours for this repair as it requires soldering.

If you're with another repair shop contact help[at] for corporate pricing.

The is a motherboard level repair. If possible please back up your device before you send it in. The Device Shop is not responsible for lost data.