Touch Disease Repair

Regular price $100.00

Does your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus have a gray bar at the top that comes and goes? Sometimes your phone will work perfectly, other times the touch doesn't work at all? It sounds like you're a victim of touch disease.

The good news is The Device Shop can fix it. Simply send your phone in along with your password so we can test the device after it's been fixed. In addition to fixing the problem, we reinforce your phone with an "M1 Jumper" (a main portion of the connection of the touch IC chip to the motherboard which gets damaged throughout time) as well as a shield to make sure this never happens again!

Please allow 48-72 hours after we receive the device for repair. 


The is a motherboard level repair. If possible please back up your device before you send it in. The Device Shop is not responsible for lost data.